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300 Click for offerThe news: SoftBank is planning to invest billion in WeWork, the leading co-working company, the NYT’s David Gelles reports. The money comes from the conglomerate itself, not from its nearly 0 billion Vision Fund. It values WeWork at billion, and brings SoftBank’s total investment in the company to about .5 billion. It’s critical to recognize that when we react to psychological distress as though it’s a fire that needs to be put out, we frighten our teenagers and usually make matters worse. Reacting instead with the understanding that emotions usually have their own life cycle — coming as waves that surge and fall — sends adolescents the reassuring message that they aren’t broken; in fact, they’re self-correcting.

The DHS said it's seen Russian activity with scans for vulnerabilities on routers over the past two years, but it's hard to assess how many have been affected.  The pope should encourage healing and offer forgiveness — however contrarian this sounds — but he cannot exonerate his brother priests who committed and covered up this sin. The defrocking last week of Theodore McCarrick, the former cardinal and archbishop of Washington who was found guilty by the church of sexual abuse, sent a hopeful message before the summit. His removal was so right. More must follow.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe unraveling of lawyers, guns and money coincides with the departures of half a dozen board members in recent weeks. But Mr. LaPierre remains center stage, as polarizing as ever. But there is something else going on. Because of technological changes of the past 30 years or so, initially in our financial system but subsequently in our media, political decision makers are increasingly short on time, having to react instantly to a constant flow of data. (If there is one feature of the military mind-set that we can all occasionally relate to, it’s that we don’t have very much time.) Many of the anxieties surrounding “post-truth” and “fake news” are really symptoms of a public sphere that moves too quickly, with too great a volume of information, to the point where we either trust our instincts or latch on to others’. There’s a reason Twitter invites users to “follow” one another, a metaphor that implies that amid a deluge of data, truth is ultimately determined by leadership.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYHe may have been easy to satirize, but Comstock’s tactics were deadly serious. He bragged that he’d driven at least a dozen women to suicide. His victims included the Chicago spiritualist Ida Craddock, who killed herself after being sentenced to five years in prison for mailing “obscene” articles about reproductive health and tantric yoga. He reveled in the brutality of his tactics. As the historian Amy Werbel writes in her book “Lust on Trial,” Comstock’s abortion busts sometimes involved dragging women away from their doctors in the middle of a procedure. Writing in his ledger, Comstock noted the arrest of a “very sick” 17-year-old, Barbara Voss, who was charged with “wantonness” and taken, presumably still bleeding, to the police. Whatever the neuropsychological explanation, it’s clear that Oddly Satisfying videos serve as a form of self-care, to use another term that has spiked in recent years. While it’s a journalistic cliché to talk about “our anxious times,” it does seem that the early 21st century is doing something to our heads.

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In a hearing at Federal District Court in White Plains, Judge Vincent Bricetti said the parents failed to prove “that public interest weighs in favor of granting an injunction,” according to The Journal News. With those rules in place, I count six of this year’s best picture nominees as political. “BlacKkKlansman” deals with a Ku Klux Klan plot and the black power movement in the 1970s. “Vice” is a stylized recreation of the career of former Vice President Dick Cheney. “Black Panther” reimagines the classic comic book series about two cousins fighting for the throne of a fictional African superpower. “The Favourite” depicts two women competing for political clout under the thumb of Queen Anne.

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What is it? An instant messaging platform  Why it's on the list: What makes Slack any different from a billion other IM clients in the last 25 years? It's mostly its integration with other apps and the way it can start to feel like the nucleus for everything happening at your work. These days it's a toss-up over which I open first in the morning: Slack or email. Slack is like email, part 2. How about a question we can all relate to, like age? A couple of the younger candidates have been talking about what South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg calls “intergenerational justice.” This would be an elevated version of the millennials’ complaint that the baby boom generation gobbled up all the … stuff.

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On Thursday, Denmark answered the call, with the minister of social affairs announcing 0,000 in emergency funds and a team of psychologists that would travel to Tasiilaq within days to help address the epidemic. Next year, the minister said in a statement, more funds will be made available. On an early evening in August, Mr. Leung was crouched over a workbench in the shop, sanding a pair of ivory chopsticks he had carved, while Ms. Leung sorted through bills at a nearby desk. The bare fluorescent light bulbs illuminated dusty glass shelves packed full of ivory carvings, but no customers.

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• China Tobacco International, a subsidiary of the state-owned company that sells 98 percent of all tobacco products in China, has filed for an initial public offering in Hong Kong. (Reuters) When Mr. Hinojosa worked as a lawyer in McAllen decades ago, he represented drug dealers who were fighting their charges in court. He had only a few cases, he said.

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