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The Roosevelt River is less than 50 miles from the Seventh of September and is near where we're going on patrol. As we drive along highway 364, the once-green landscape is now barren. “It is a drop of migration that had a very short-term genetic effect, but a long term cultural effect.”

Sarah Steiner, a New York City election lawyer who is not working for either candidate, said legal precedent from prior court cases suggests that a judge reviewing the invalidated ballots would permit them, even without the law. A law would merely make revalidation more certain. Sebastian Gorka, a onetime adviser to Donald Trump, wore a medal from the Vitezi Rend, a Hungarian group historically aligned with Nazism, to one of Trump’s inaugural balls. Gorka was reportedly a member of the group, whose founder, the Hungarian autocrat Miklos Horthy, once said, “For all my life, I have been an anti-Semite.”

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Stroll around the Paramount lot, as we did one afternoon late last year, and you’ll see a frenzy of activity. Fleets of forklifts carry newly fabricated sets from the in-house woodworking mill. Gardeners tend the hibiscus hedges. Electricians hang lights. Production staffers whiz around on golf carts. At a glance, Paramount seems every bit as vibrant as it was when Mr. Redstone took over in 1994. Background: The demonstrations started more than a week ago after the publication of 889 pages of leaked text messages between the governor and his closest aides, revealing a cozy relationship with special interest representatives.

The startup unveiled a prototype meat strip in late 2018, but said it was working on making the strips thicker. _____

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Log In• At least 50 lawmakers from the governing Conservative Party would reportedly revolt against an election manifesto that called for a no-deal Brexit. (FT) McNally Capital, a private investment firm based in Chicago, has been investing money for wealthy families for more than a decade. Its investments range from million to million in companies with values of million to 0 million.